What is Conscious Media?

by [email protected]

What is Conscious Media?

Our Creators Network Conscious Media Task Force generated our community’s idea
of what constitutes conscious media.

We consider media conscious if it serves one or more of the following criteria:

· Stimulates our desire to evolve into healthier and more thriving ways of being (both individually and collectively.)

· Reveals multiple, different worldviews and perspectives, including both familiar and unfamiliar ways of looking at the world, helping us to see beyond the limits of our own perception.

· Enhances and expands the individual and collective human experience by provoking positive action, ultimately restoring hope for the viewer.

· Celebrates the complexity of humanity by helping to balance the equity between genders, races, beliefs, socio-economic strata, and the light and dark sides of the human experience.

· Reconnects the viewer to something greater (i.e. collective unconscious, God, nature, planet, universe, themselves and others.)