About Conscious Goodness

by Conscious Goodness

About Conscious Goodness

At Conscious Goodness we envision a world where every being feels connected to themselves, to each other and to something greater. 

And we believe that conscious stories and experiences can help create and reinforce that vital connection. We have several initiatives to support our vision.

First, we want to raise awareness of the impact that what you watch has on your psyche and well-being.

Second, we support the creation of conscious stories and experiences, through our community platform, the Conscious Good Creators Network, and our non-profit fiscal sponsorship program.

And thirdly, we increase the availability of experiencing conscious stories through our streaming platform, CGOOD.TV.

Dan Karslake

Executive Director

Award-winning director/producer whose latest feature, FOR THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO (Tribeca 2019), is a follow-up to his landmark documentary, FOR THE BIBLE TELLS ME SO (Sundance 2007) which examines the intersection of religion, sexual orientation and gender identity. Karslake‚Äôs second film, EVERY THREE SECONDS (NOIFF 2014), is about the amazing potential in each of us to change the world.  Dan currently serves as the Acting Executive Director of Conscious Goodness, the non-profit sister company of Conscious Good.